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Design Team

The company has an innovative design and development staff, they have rich experience in mold design, the company uses professional UG, CATIA, PRO / E, CIMATRON, AUTOCAD, MOLDFLOW-MPI and other CAD \ CAM \ CAE design software. With professional technical means such as conceptual design, structural design, rapid prototyping, inspection and verification, we provide customers with complete solutions from new product development to mold manufacturing.

With professional technology and rich experience, we integrate modern and environmentally friendly concepts to provide customers with scientific mold analysis and design solutions.

Design Capacity

Mold Flow Analysis

Structure Diagram

Our Advantage

More than 10 years for most mold engineer’ More than 10 years for most mod makers Regular experience exchange for mold manufacture 2D & 3D mold design experience for Europe, North America and  Australia Design for manufacture analysis report Mold flow simulation (Default mold cost included) Professional manager work with you for design(English speaking) Backup your data for mold more than five years

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